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Anime Fighters Codes For Fabruary 2024

Anime Fighters Codes For Fabruary 2024

Anime Fighters Codes Look at these cool Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator codes and receive all the free boosts, fruits, tokens you need to become an even better anime fighter out there.

As the combat roster and settings in this engaging Roblox anime experience are just as varied, we thought you might need some hands. That’s why we have collected this list of all new Anime Fighters codes, full of boosts and loads of other useful rewards. We also gave a summary of all the recent changes that have been made with the most recent update on Anime Fighters. This guide is also updated daily, so make sure to recheck it every day for any new AFS codes available for you.

Anime Fighters Codes For Fabruary 2024

Or, if you are a huge enthusiast of blocky battles in anime should consult our other Roblox code guides. We have several lists such as Anime Warriors codes,Anime Fighting Simulator codes, Psycho 100 Infinity guides , Project New World keys and more. We also compile the best Roblox games if you are searching for a new game to play Anime Fighters Codes For Fabruary 2024.

Here are all of the new Anime Fighters codes:

Code Item Result
AFS2024!five Transfer tokens, five shiny boosts Working
SuperApology Free in-game rewards Working
DelayUPD51 Free in-game rewards Working
Pregame_U8zKL Free in-game rewards Working
TRANSFERS! Free in-game rewards Working
ZnxCvb9 Free in-game rewards Working
2DaMoon Free in-game rewards in hardcore mode Working
SorryForBugs Two super luck boosts, two super drop boosts Working
AFSUpd50 Free in-game rewards in normal mode Working
@brandonha_0210 Two passive transfer tokens Working
CastlevaniaHype Five passive transfer tokens Working
DelayedHalloween Five passive transfer tokens Working
RobloxFixed?? Three passive transfer tokens Working
1MILLIONLIKES! Ten passive transfer tokens Working
SorryUpdate46! Five passive transfer tokens Working
Ichigoat Free in-game rewards Working
Kekeke Free in-game rewards Working
QOLChanges! One dungeon reset Working
QOLPatch Free in-game rewards Working
DungeonCDRESET Dungeon cooldown reset Working
SaopauloW Free in-game rewards Working
ResetDungeonCD Dungeon cooldown reset Working
BlastOff2023 One super time boost, one super luck boost Working
BuffPatch Super time boost Working
InfiniteBalance Super drop boost Working
INFINITYpatch Luck boost Working
SorryDelay Two clone tokens, one dungeon reset Working
UPD37! Two avatar coins Working
DungeonRecovery Dungeon cooldown reset Working
DataFixed? Two avatar coins Working
100KPlayers Three clone tokens Working
BrazilOnTOP Three avatar coins Working
KingIsBack 15-minute luck boost Working
25kPlayers! 25 passive tokens Working
SubToFminusmic Two shiny potions Working
!BOSSSTUDIO! 15-minute luck boost Working
AFSComeback Two dungeon tokens Working
BillionVisits Free tokens Working
TheAbyss Free tokens, boosts, and more Working
Insane1Million Free tokens, boosts, and more Working
WorldAtWar Free tokens, boosts, and more Working
UpdateDelaySad Free tokens, boosts, and more Working
DungeonRefund3 Free boosts Working
SummerEvent2 Free boosts Working
DungeonRefund2 Free boosts Working
MiniUpdatePog Free boosts Working
DungeonRefund Free boosts Working
SummerEvent Free goodies Working
MiniUpdatePog Free boosts Working
SoulAcademy Free boosts Working
Thanks900k Free rewards Working
Sub2Codenex 10-minute luck boost Working
Sub2Veyar 10-minute luck boost Working
BronzePiece Free boosts and goodies Working
RealDaireb Free boosts and goodies Working
ToadBoi 10-minute luck boost Working
sulley1m Luck and damage boosts Working
otrademark Divine fruit Working
1MilFaves Yen and EXP boosts Working

What are Anime Fighters Simulator codes?

Sulley, the inventor of various enhancements provides freebies that are termed as AFS codes. New codes are usually made Anime Fighters Codes For Fabruary 2024 when the game reaches some milestones so add this one to your favorites and give it likes. If you are in the Sulley Group, only certain codes can be cashed out. You may also save this site to bookmark in order not to miss new Anime Fighters Simulator codes.

Where can I exchange my Anime Fighters Simulator codes?

Redeeming codes in Anime Fighters Simulator is a breeze and simple if you follow these steps.

  • Open the game
  • On the left side of the screen, find and tap on Twitter icon.
  • Click the ‘enter code’ box
  • Type in your AFS code
  • Hit confirm
  • Enjoy!
    If you wish to measure your mettle in Anime Fighters Simulator or any of the cool games up there, then hurry now over to App Store or Google Play for free downloads of Roblox today.

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