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Anime Dimensions Codes For Fabruary 2024

Anime Dimensions Codes For Fabruary 2024

To make your gameplay in Roblox‘s Anime Dimensions more exciting, use the redeemable codes for January 2024. These codes grant essential enhancements including character stats and free Gems in the game. Ready to elevate your character? Here are all the active codes that can be used.

How to earn free Gems, Boosts & Raid Tokens?

Jump into this action-packed  Roblox‘s game, with fights as characters from the most famous anime series and using these codes to make sure you are prepared for upcoming battles.

Luckily, these resources can easily be acquired by using codes in the game so ensure to have them when they pop up.
Here are all the currently available Anime Dimensions codes to claim for January 2024.

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Roblox Codes for Anime Dimensions (January 2024)

6 active Anime Dimensions codes are ready to redeem, checked in-game and confirmed work on January 8 of the year 2024. The codes are regularly released for this title on Roblox, so make sure to check here every week.

Code Items Result
HE1AT8WAVE1 x100 gems, x75 raid tokens, and all boosts Working
GIFT2023 x500 Gems, x500 Raid Tokens, and all Boosts for 60 minutes Working
S1HA8DO0W x100 Gems, x75 Raid Tokens, and all Boosts for 30 minutes Working
DOMI1N7A7TOR x100 Gems, x75 Raid Tokens, and all Boosts for 30 minutes Working
D1AIM78YO x100 Gems, x75 Raid Tokens, and all Boosts for 30 minutes Working
1SPE7ED9 x100 Gems, x75 Raid Tokens, and all Boosts for 30 minutes Working

All of the codes that are currently active, in Anime Dimensions. Everything from Gems & Boosts to Raid tokens are up for grabs.

Anime Dimensions codes redemption guide

Redeeming codes in Anime Dimensions is very easy to do, only taking a few short steps to get your rewards:

  1. Go to the official Anime Dimensions page and press the large green button – start playing.
  2. When you are in-game, on the left side of your screen you will see a Twitter icon. Click that.
  3. When the window opens, copy and paste your chosen codes from above into ‘Enter Code‘ box.
  4. Press Go – a pop-up notification will appear on the screen if you have successfully redeemed the code.
  5. That’s it! You now have your selected reroll ready to employ.

What are codes for in Anime Dimensions?

As illustrated above, these codes may give you all sorts of in-game which will increase your fun time spent with Anime Dimensions.

Anime Dimensions Codes For Fabruary 2024From Gems to buy new items, right up through cashing in on those big Raid tokens and even free Boosts these drops are used for every player’s pleasure of enhancing their experience with this anime-themed game.

Why do Anime Dimensions codes fail to work?

Individual game developers have complete authority over their titles’ codes in Roblox, and this is why some can die very rapidly as soon as they are launched.

First and foremost, check the spelling of your code if a discount is not reflected; sadly though should it still fail to be recognized odds are that this had incredibly little lifespan

Where do I get more Anime Dimensions codes?

Coolbulls also allows Anime Dimensions players to receive extra Boosts and Gems codes, through following it on Twitter. You’ll have to do this and then wait for about five minutes, once time elapses you can log into the game after which a ‘Verify Twitter will be on your screen; left side of it.

200 Gems is a very cool reward and All Boosts for 30 minutes will be given to you once it’s done.

You can also follow the latest Anime Dimensions updates by joining the Albatross Discord server.

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